Tartar of Spring Lamb with Marin Meadow Cress 16
Confit Garlic & Anchovy, Fava Beans, Hazelnut


Veloute of Celeriac & Pear, Coffee Iced Milk 16
Marinated Fennel, Cocoa & Almond


Wild King Salmon Confit 18
Pickled Pearl Onion & Baby Beets, Crème Fraiche, Sorrel

Pacific Amberjack, Lightly Marinated in Yuzu & Olive Oil 19
Trout Roe, Avocado

Monterey Abalone & Diver Scallop, Ginger Scented Duck Consomme 22
Squid Ink & “Broken Grains”, Pumpkin Paper

Handmade Sweetbread Ravioli, Crispy Sweetbreads   19
Mustard Leaves & Shaved Black Truffle



Pacific Snapper & Baby Octopus 36
Smoked Potato, Green Olive, Lemon Balm

Maine Lobster, Poached in Salted Butter 40
Fennel, Strawberries Poached in Red Verjus, Fava Beans

Breast of Chicken, Poached & Roasted, "Boudin Blanc" 34
Medjool Dates, Cauliflower, Berber Spice

Rib Eye of Prime Beef, Roasted with Green Garlic 42
Oxtail Marmalade, Spring Peas & Baby Turnips

Herb Roasted Lamb Loin, Crispy Belly 36
Baby Carrots & Broccoli di Ciccio, Fermented Black Garlic


Dry-Aged Carnaroli Rice & Emmer Wheat “Risotto”    24
Wild Nettles, Roasted Baby Artichokes, Slow Cooked Egg


Chef's Tasting Menu
(Available Tuesdays to Saturdays)