At Bar888, we feature the largest selection of grappas in the United States and a premium selection of domestic and world wines, beers, spirits and liquers. Our grappa cocktails are crafted by our talented bar team and highlight the wide array of aromas captured by different grappas – from earthy and herbaceous to floral and sweet. Our specialty cocktails showcase seasonal ingredients, global twists, our bartenders’ skills and a jigger full of fun. Salute! For an extensive look into our selection, please dowload our complete beverage list here.



Infusion Grappa Flight   15

Our introductory flight featuring grappas with sweeter flavors and familiar ingredients.
Jacopo Poli Miele
Nardini Aqua di Cedro
Marolo Chamomile

Moscato Grappa Flight   18
Moscato is one of the most identifiable of all grape varietals. Here are three interpretations of Moscato from three different distillers, two from Italy and one from Oregon.
L. Francoli Moscato
Jacopo Poli Moscato
Clear Creek Moscato

The Classics   22
Three of Italy’s most renowned wine regions – Piedmont, Montalcino and Valpolicella – distilled to their essence.
Castello di Barbaresco, ‘Darmagi’
Marolo Brunello di Montalcino
G. Bertagnolli Grappa di Amarone

The Barrique Flight   28
Aged five years or more, these grappas show their true potential with their soft, nuanced aromas. Especially recommended for Scotch drinkers.
G. Bertagnolli ‘Koralis’
Marolo Barolo 12 Year
Luigi Francoli Grappa di Riesling



When in Rome   12
Bertagnolli Moscato Grappa, Limoncello and fresh squeezed orange juice served on the rocks with salted rim and fresh raspberries.

La Donna È Forte   12
A twist on the Negroni with Grappa Po di Traminer, Nonino Amaro and Campari, served up.

To the Cloud!   12
Nardini Aqua di Cedro Grappa and grapefruit, shaken frothy with egg white and topped with Angostura bitters, served up.

Dogzilla   12
Nardini Aqua di Cedro Grappa, Aperol, Cointreau, grapefruit and blood orange, served up with salt rim.
(America’s Cup award winner named after Larry Ellison’s Trimaran sailboat, created by our own Erik Hammermaster)

Moscone Pear   12
Dimmi Herbal Grappa liqueur, shaken with fresh pear purée, fresh squeezed lime & lemon, served up.


5:15 to Bangkok   12
Kaffir Lime-Infused Zardetto Grappa, Luxardo Maraschino and fresh squeezed lime juice shaken with pineapple juice, served up.


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