The Bertagnolli Family boasts over 135 years of producing Grappa, through four generations. The Bertagnolli distillery was founded in 1870 by Giulia de Kreutzenberg, of Austrian aristocratic descent, and the pharmacist Edoardo Bertagnolli of Mezzacorona in the Trentino region of Italy. Today the distillery is managed by cousins Livia and Beppe and prides itself in being the first distillery in Europe to fully automate the entire production process throughout the very delicate distillation procedure. G. Bertagnolli was one of the first distilleries in Italy to build stills that have modified "bain marie" cooling system with an advanced water pressure control in the tubes on the the distilling columns. The distillery has two discontinuous cooper alembics, each with a capacity of 3,200 pounds, fed by steam to distill the marc slowly and avoid overheating it. The alembics are made by Master copper maker, Tullio Zadra.

The grappa is obtained primarily from the same marc used to make Torre di Luna wines. The main varietals are Merlot and Pinot Grigio. The marc is then immediately distilled in two discontinuous alembics fed by steam with the "bain marie" method, followed by about 10 months in stainless steel. The alcoholic content at this point is 72% but is reduced to 42% with the addition of distilled water. It is then chilled, filtered and bottled.